Today’s retail stores need to be connected to respond to competition from e-commerce! Offer an enhanced customer experience with our connected solutions. Screens, connected tablets, mobile checkouts, RFID and NFC technologies… Whatever your goals, we can offer the solution that meets your needs!

We offer a wide catalogue of solutions. We want to give you the benefit of the best products on the market. That’s why we work with the most reliable partners.



An RFID tag is an electronic identification mechanism that doesn’t need to be seen to be read. The technology contains a serial number or set of data on a chip linked to an antenna. The tag is activated by a radio signal emitted by the RFID reader, which itself contains an RFID card and an antenna, and in return the tag transmits the data it contains.

This technology allows you to:

  • Manage your inventory very quickly,
  • Reduce checkout waiting times thanks to quick scanning of your products,
  • Offer interactivity for your customers by enabling them to display content by holding a product up to a screen,
  • Secure your products.

This technology allows you to:

  • Create a VIP welcome for your customers by reading loyalty cards and offering personalised promotions,
  • Offer mobile payment solutions,
  • Offer interactivity for your customers using their smartphones and your screens.

NFC enables the exchange of data between a reader and any mobile device or between devices at a maximum data rate of 424 kbits/s.



This is a solution that is well suited to sending personalised promotional offers. The technology uses the Bluetooth feature of smartphones. As soon as a customer enters the store, they are located and receive a dedicated promotional offer on their phone. The Beacon can also be used to identify and reward loyal customers, for example. The possibilities are endless!


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We can also connect your sales outlets to the rest of your blockchain. Thanks to synergies within our parent company, the plenITude Group, we can link your points of sale to your Cegid ERP system.

Offer a seamless customer experience by facilitating high added-value services such as Web to Store. The stock available in stores can be displayed on your e-commerce site. An essential service at a time when ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) is increasingly popular among consumers!


For every project:

  • You have a dedicated project manager who supports you at every stage of your project.
  • We work with you to think globally about the best strategy to adopt in order to offer a unified shopping experience.
  • We help you calculate the overall return on investment.


Our primary goal? To provide you with a personalised, high-quality service!

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