Laurea has an international network of over fifty local partners with about 300 technicians.
We promise to provide a personalised, high-quality service, regardless of the scale of your project.

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Our most significant example? The deployment project in NYX Professional Makeup stores.

Deployment of 3000 screens (from 10″ to 75″) in 200 stores in Europe over three years.

  • Window display screens,
  • Touch screens showing tutorials,
  • Screens above the gondolas (product communication),
  • Social wall (Instagram),
  • An average of 80 screens installed per month,
  • A dedicated French team of four: coordinators, logistics specialists, sales representatives,
  • Storage of screens, supports and pillars before deployment,
  • Configuration in the workshop: updating firmware and configuring a SaaS content management platform,
  • Delivery throughout Europe,
  • On-site installation in over thirty countries in Europe via our network of local service providers. All the installations were coordinated by our French team in charge of the project. Two specific Laurea contacts (technical coordinator, office-based sales representative) for client communication in each country together with the local service provider,
  • Maintenance with on-site operations and a single telephone support number for all the countries,
  • Management of backup equipment: storage of spare equipment in a European stock in France, sending backup equipment to the country for standard exchange, returning faulty equipment to the European stock for repair or replacement by the manufacturer under the warranty, returning backup equipment to the stock after tests.

Partnership with Samsung and Weezago.

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