Transform your meeting rooms into efficient, productive collaborative spaces!

Companies are faced with many challenges, including the digital transformation and the mobility of their staff.

Meeting rooms and/or huddle rooms must be fully equipped to enable colleagues to discuss issues, communicate and collaborate.

A few tips on making your meeting rooms into efficient collaborative spaces:

  • Screens content must be visible to everyone, regardless of how much space there is,
  • Connecting to screens must be simple and quick,
  • The video conferencing solution must be appropriate for the space and simple to use,
  • The audio installation must be suitable,
  • Some rooms need to be equipped with interactive screens: digital whiteboards, network connections, document annotation, real-time document saving and distribution etc.,
  • Room booking should be simple and quick.


Laurea offers the following solutions:

  • Standard or interactive screens,
  • Multi-device connection solutions,
  • Video conferencing systems,
  • Audio solutions,
  • Room booking solutions.


We manage your project in full:

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